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Chad Cumin

Artistic Philosophy

The artwork that I produce as has several sources of influence. I primarily model the style
of Muranese glass of the nineteenth century, including the works of Lucio Bubacco and Lino
Tagliapietra to name a few. However, I also incorporate concepts from the contemporary
inside-out lampwork of the west coast Canada, such as the work of Ben Evers. My
work heavily relies on the use of bold color along with the use of geometric patterns, in line
with the art deco movement of the early to mid twentieth century.
I apply these influences to a broad array of natural subjects. For example,
I have created several glass sculptures of subjects such as flowers, ballerinas, and numerous
animals. My glass vessels utilize bold colors in liquid, organic patterns. My glass beads
attempt to capture a realistic representation of natural scenes and elements through the
use of millefiori combined with free-hand sketching. Through the glass media I express my
interpretations of the surrounding environment.